"Hooking up," "Friends with benefits," "Booty call" are terms you might be familiar with.

Depending on the generation you are from these terms either have no meaning or a clear meaning of what they entail.  For those who are unfamiliar with this terminology the three phrases all mean the same thing -  sex for sex's sake, no emotional involvement whatsoever.  Meet up for sex and move on, same as a one night stand.

This is the new way of "dating" a way in which the only expenditure you need to perform is your physical activity during the sexual act itself.  These things require only a means to communicate with a willing person, call them and get it done.

But is this the right way for you to exist.  Is a hookup good enough for you or do you need something more, something with more meaning.   Hooking up vs. lasting love - questions you must consider before determining which it will be for you... read more

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