Picking up women when you're fat & ugly should be really easy, you've got nothing to lose.  You're at the bottom of the pecking order already, just go for it.

Oh really, you say.  I nave feelings too.  Oh well.  Picking up women is a numbers game as well as a game of preparation.  To be successful you must prepare the field of conquest before you go into battle.

If you're going to a club get there early to scope the place out.  You must be confortable with your surroundings.  If you are uncomfortable or desperate, showing up at the last minute, then no woman you want to be with will fall for your play.

When you get there check it out, if a woman makes eye contact and smiles at you smile back and then go over and talk with her.  Don't wait 'til later as it may be too late.  She has feelings too, you know.

If, after talking with the lady nothing comes of it this time at least get her phone number for a possible future event.  No harm in building up your phone book.

The most important thing is not to seem desperate and to go out there and talk to as many women as possible.  Practice makes perfect.

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