Listen carefully my children and you will hear...

Sounds pretty important doesn't it.  It should!  Dating online has it's pitfalls.  Those who do not prepare correctly may be damaged or worse unsuccessfull.

So here it is: Online Dating Tips -

There is much to be said for honesty but remember you are going online to find a possible date.  You really do not know who that person is therefore never give away your personal information online, save it for later after you've met the person and are comfortable with htem.

Additionally, when first meeting do not go alone, meet in a very public place and do not drink! Use your common sense and your gut feeling & you should be OK.

Respectable Dating Site-
Choose a respectable dating site.  Hint: if they ask comprehensive questions and don't promise you the moon they should be ok.  Some sites will ask for your credit card & address, cuts down on a lot of flakes.  Just like you, they also have a reputation to maintain.

Don't Take People @ Face Value... read more

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