I don't know why you'd still want to pick up women in bars when all the women you could want are available online.  Nevertheless since we're on this topic let's go through How to Pick Up Women in Bars.

The secret to this is to make it fun, playful and different.  Why use all the same lines that everyone has used on this poor woman. If you like what you see just go up to her and begin talking about basically anything.  Making conversation is about making the other person feel comfortable.  Begin simply by introducing yourself, nothing fancy just "Hi, my name is"...

This is good enough, you're not coming accross as if your only goal is to get in her pants.  You are being polite and just making polite non-threatening conversation.  You just want to get some of her time and attention.

To keep the conversation going cue on her words, listen to what she says and then follow her lead.  Remember not all conversations will be succesful, if it's not going well thank her for her time and move on.  Move on politely, be a gentleman.  Remember you get more flies with honey than with vinegar.

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