Are you ready to do some work.  You can find some fine women on craigslist but unlike organized dating sites on the web, where you can search by your preferwences, craigslist is a manual search.  You're going to review ads(profiles?) one by one.  It will take time and be tedious but it will be free.

Some of the advantages of using cl are large user base, local targeting, has a dedicated community but best of all it's free! 

Ok, let's go over a how to list about how to pickup women on craigslist:

1.  Create a new email account.  You will use this account strictly for your cl dating.  Use googlemail, yahoomail, msn or whatever free email service you like.  Note!  Do not use your work or personal email account! Why would you want to expose these accounts to people you don't know.

2.  Create an account at craigslist.  You will use the email account from step 1 to create your account.  Setting up the account is real easy, just follow the instructions.

3.  Write an ad.  Write what you are looking for in a date.  Write the way you normally talk.  It doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be written.  The more ads you write the better you'll get at it.  Just write.

4.  Post your ad or ads.

5.  repost your ad(s) every 2-3 days.  Naturally your ads will drop off page 1 and eventually page 2 pretty quickly.  Most people will not search beyond page 2, that' why you'll need to repost your ad(s) regularly.

6.  Browse ads from women and respond to those you like... read more

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