How many of you are currently on Facebook?  Facebook has just surpassed google as the #1 site in the US.

With over 400 million members there is a lot of opportunity to find and pickup women.

Here's a quick list of Facebook pick up tips:

1.  If your'e going to post pictures post pictures of you having fun with some good looking girls.

2.  Post no more than 50 pics, don't go crazy & post 100's.

3.  Show the athletic side of you, snowiboarding, surfing, cycling, etc.  your'e active not a couch potato.

4.  This one is really important, show pictures of hot girls having fun with you..

5.  To show your softer side include photos of you holding a puppy, a toddler, etc.

6.  Show photos of you doing interesting things, like travelling.

7.  Turn your relationship status off.  Get the girl to show some initiative & interest in you by asking about you.

8.  ........................find out the rest of the tips on how to pickup women on facebook.

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