Here's a dilemma: spoke to a guy today and he told me his story.

He came home from work one day and his wife was gone.  I don't mean missing, I mean she left him and went back to her parents.  No fault on his part, she just has issues.

What's a guy to do in such circumstances?  Go to the nearest liquor store and tie one on?  I'm sure he did that as well, but the big thing here is what to do when one would like some female company

In his case the wife is not coming back, ever.  She has some issues with trust, deep psychological issues sounds like.  He is hurt and under no circumstances will take her back.

Looking for another women to replace her under these circumstances is a no go at this point, there's still too much hurt and pain.  

So what can he do when he'd like some female company?  He really doesn't want to go thru the bar scene, spend the time courting, get a girl off the street, etc.

Probably the easiest to do is go online and check out websites such as urfantasy to see what to do and how to hook up for that short period of intimacy.  A no hassle, no strings attached meeting.  Meet her, have some fun and it's over.

The best way to do this is to do a search online for dating sites catering to whatever your preference may be.  Sign up at the site, surf through the ladies and contact one or more.

See where it goes.  Some websites, ashleymadison for example, cater strictly to people who are interested solely in others who are willing to cheat on their spouses.  Probably the easiest sex to get.

But no matter what your preference their is a site out there which can hook you up.  Some sites are free while others will cost you some $$s.

Does cost really matter?  You will probably spend less to hook up on these websites than you woyuld in your local bar!

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