Online dating is very popular today, some studies indicate that over 50% of people under 30 do some online dating every month.

The great thing about online dating is you can be whoever you want.  You can be tall, you can be short, you can be old or young, bald or fat.  You create yourself, you create an image of yourself which you believe the other person will be attracted to.

The problem is - when you actually meet that person you may ruin it by being someone totally different than the person they though you were and expected to meet.

If you think you are going to meet the girl in the picture (to the left top) then you may be disappointed.  I got this picture online & posted it here because, frankly,  she looks goood.

Who knows what she looks like in real life, who knows if this picture is a true picture of her,  photoshop you know!

There are three things you should watch out for when dating online, not only from you but also her:

1. Misleading photo
2. Shaving off those years
3. Being someone else

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