Ok, you decided to pickup women online.  After signing up with a couple of dating services you connected with someone.  Now you're writing back and forth, getting into intimate areas of each others lives. .

Are you tired of talking to your virtual girfriend online.  Is all you do talk & exchange photos?  Do you wonder how can I meet her for real?

Here are 5 steps to make it happen.

1.  Tell your virtual girlfriend that this online thing is great but nothing can be real until you both meet in real life.

2.  It's possible & more than likely to fall in love online.  But is this real?  Unless you get to know the person in real life you are more than likely to be faced with much disappointment if all you rely on is online communication.

3.  You can't get to know the real person with just online communication.  Suggest a phone chat followed by a real face-to-face meeting.  That's how you really get to know someone and discover if you're really in love.

4.  Be careful, online feelings may be different from offline feelings.  What sounded and felt great when you were writing to each other may not feel the same way when you actually meet face to face.

5.  .....read more

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